Product Detail

Product Name
Chemical Name
Offered Purity
Water Capacity
47 Liters
Cylinder Colour Code
Contents / Packaging
The cylinders are available in various capacities of 4 kg to 10 kg of gas.
Supply Options
Cylinder | Quad | Cryogenic Tank
Application / Usages
  • Acetylene can be used as fuel gas. Acetylene produces the hottest flame (3200°C) when burned with Oxygen. It provides high productivity, low Oxygen consumption and safe use within confined spaces.
  • The high level reactivity property of Acetylene makes it a very useful fuel gas for Cutting, Welding, Heat treatment, Coating, flame spraying.
  • Acetylene compounds are used in certain dry-cell batteries, and Acetylenic alcohols, which are used in vitamins synthesis, general fabrication and Ship building, Laboratories and Research, Glass, Iron and Steel and Non-ferrous metals.