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We are here to meet your business needs INDUSTRIAS G.E S.A (IGESA) is an integral part of GOLDEN SWAN G.E S.L. based in Malabo Equatorial Guinea. IGESA was established in 2012 under the Law of Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

IGESA supplies all types of Industrial Gases like Oxygen, Nitrogen, Acetylene, Helium, Argon, Carbon Dioxide and Refrigerant gases etc. Our certified support team will create a custom service program to supply you Industrial Gases and Cutting & Welding Equipments at your convenience, while ensuring you are compliant with local regulations. IGESA is also in the position to supply you with various types of Safety Equipment.

We maintain a high level of quality services to our commercial and industrial clients. We provide prompt Dropping and pick up services with our own professional drivers and a fleet of vehicles designed to meet the needs of each client. As, we also recognise the other crucial Oil & Gas Services where we constantly looking into the businesses.

Our staffs understand that the customer is still the most important part of any business. Please get in touch with us for more information.

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